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No, you don’t need a doctor’s referral to see a physical therapist in most cases. However, you may need it for publicly funded clinics. You can see the therapist directly if you have been experiencing chronic pain symptoms or if you want to improve your athletic performance.
Yes, physical therapy strengthens lower back muscles and improves flexibility. Consistent sessions reduce pain and help restore the normal movement of your lower back. The physical therapist guides you through the exercises and may modify the regime based on your recovery and response to the treatment. 
No, physical therapy is a painless form of treatment to help people manage several conditions like head pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, etc. You may however experience muscle soreness for a few hours after the treatment, but that’s normal. It goes away after a while.
The duration of each session differs according to the treatment you are receiving. Massage therapy, for instance, may take 45 minutes, while kinesiology sessions may last an hour. It is better if you consult with us to know about the duration of your sessions.
Our team sends you reminders for upcoming appointments 48 hours in advance, ensuring you don’t miss them. You can cancel the appointment before 24 hours through email or phone call. However, you may have to pay a certain fee if you do not submit a cancellation notice and miss appointments.
There are no strict dress codes as such for sessions. But, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes that will let you perform the exercises hassle-free. In short, wear something you can feel comfortable in.
You can expect the following three phases on your first visit to our clinic: 
  • Thorough consultation- We consult with each patient individually to understand what’s wrong with their bodies or the pain they are going through. 
  • Detailed injury/pain assessment- We assess the injury to detect the exact injured area in your body. 
  • Individualized treatments- The team implements a suitable treatment depending on your injury to help you heal.
Three steps to choose a reliable physical therapy clinic in Abbotsford:
  • Check out the qualifications and work experience of physiotherapists. 
  • Have a word with the team to see if they can help manage your condition. 
  • Read the client testimonials. 
All these take time. You can save time by contacting us directly.
Yes, you can book an appointment online at our clinic in Abbotsford. All you have to do is click here and book the sessions according to the treatment you need. It takes only a few seconds. However, if you are not sure which treatment to opt for, give us a call at @778-880-8823.