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Our treatments include a hands-on approach to reduce pain, release muscle tension and facilitate a range of motion. We prescribe holistic activities, therapeutic exercises and postural movements for your optimal recovery.


What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a treatment method that improves a patient’s mobility, function and overall well-being. It is a drug-free treatment option and involves exercise-based techniques and manual therapies. It benefits people of all ages with muscle sprains, sports injuries, strains and other conditions that cause pain. Regular sessions help you feel better physically and emotionally and boost your social functioning.

You should go for physiotherapy if your pain or injuries are affecting your everyday life. Medical practitioners often prescribe physiotherapy before or after surgery to boost the recovery process.

Who is a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists are experts in both the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. They use the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, rehabilitation sciences and kinesiology to help patients restore their healthy lifestyles back. They assess, diagnose and treat the symptoms of your injury through specific hands-on clinical skills. Other healthcare professionals often work with physiotherapists to promote an individual’s health and wellness.

What Does a Physical Therapist Treat?

Physiotherapy works on a wide range of health conditions that cause pain and discomfort. At our physiotherapy clinic in Abbotsford, for instance, we treat conditions such as whiplash, concussion, pinched nerve, tennis elbow, sciatica, rotator cuff injury and more.

When to see a physiotherapist?

You should see a physiotherapist if the pain isn’t going away on its own after three to four hours. The physiotherapist detects the core problem and puts together an effective treatment plan specific to your condition. They treat not just the symptoms but also the root cause of your pain.

Physical therapists also treat individuals who want to build their endurance or maximize their physical strength. Athletes, for instance, boost their sports performance while working with a physiotherapist. You can also see the professionals to prevent future health conditions and maintain stability even as you

You don’t need referrals to consult with a physiotherapist in Abbotsford. So, if you are in pain, you can get it treated at physiotherapy clinics without hassles.



Our Physiotherapy Services in Abbotsford

  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation and pain management
  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • IMS/Dry needling therapy
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Pain management
  • Pre and post-operative rehabilitation

What to Expect from Physiotherapy Treatments?

Physiotherapists attend to each patient individually. That means every session is unique and customized to the patient’s health needs. If this is your first time at a physiotherapy clinic, here’s an overview of what happens.

The physiotherapist consults with you thoroughly on the first appointment. They learn everything about your medical history and the existing pain/injury.

They assess the nature of your injury or pain through specific physical tests. The tests help them determine your range of motion, strength, ligament and joint stability, reflexes, and swelling.

The physical therapist prepares the best treatment plan for your condition. They provide you with detailed information about your situation and its management.

The treatment plan includes specific exercises, home exercise programs, IMS, manual therapies, stretching and follow-up appointments.

Manage Pain with our Physiotherapy Treatments in Abbotsford

Legend Physiotherapy has extensive years of experience in relieving pain without involving surgeries or medications. Our team is dedicated to getting you back to an active lifestyle and better health using specific therapeutic exercises. Have a word with our physiotherapists if you are not sure if physiotherapy is the right treatment for your pain.

You can call us at 778-880-8823 or visit us at 32526 George Ferguson Way #210, Abbotsford, BC V2T 4Y1, Canada.

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What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

Gurpreet Soni
Gurpreet Soni
Legend physiotherapy in abbotsford is great and i will highly recommend it
Akshat Bhatt
Akshat Bhatt
I highly recommend legend physiotherapy for my neck pain relief.They're the best !
rajkumar yadav
rajkumar yadav
"Legend Physiotherapy's TMJ treatment delivers quick, expert results – highly recommended!"
Jagdeep singh TooR
Jagdeep singh TooR
Very friendly staff making you comfortable thanks
Mina Nabil
Mina Nabil
Great Physiotherapy facility - Joel is so professional and knowledgeable I recommend him to anyone who have pain in neck or back
Gurdip Ssmra
Gurdip Ssmra
High quality treatments
Jot Bhathal
Jot Bhathal
Good services
Rajdeep Singh
Rajdeep Singh
The physio team at Legend are extremely skillful and genuinely care about their patients. Both Jodh and Jaspreet have been extremely helpful in my post ACL/ PCL knee surgery rehab and have been key in helping me reach a 80 degree flex after 6 weeks of surgery. Their new centre is also more spacious and their admin team has made improvements in the overall office cleanliness. Will share another post after my next 12 weeks of rehab journey.