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How Soon After An Injury You Must Begin Physical Therapy- Read Now!

Nobody really plans injuries. From the sudden toppling over bushes to a strain in the muscle while playing football, there can be a wide gamut of scenarios that lead to injuries. Injuries are painful. It takes a severe toll on your physical and mental health.

Yes, lengthy surgeries, bitter medicines and MONTHS of rest may help you. But, what if you could resume your healthy lifestyle without having to go under the knives? Our unmatched quality physiotherapy in Abbotsford is here to make that possible for you.

Injuries may look trivial but can become severe quickly. Thus, read on to know the right time to get physical therapy treatment after an injury.

  • A Chance Of Developing A Chronic Issue

Soon after the injury happens, the human body instantly makes efforts to protect itself by increasing the blood flow to the injured tissue. This initiates the healing process. The process specifically results in pain and swelling. With immediate treatment, it resolves quickly. However, if it is left untreated, the inflammation will continue and become chronic eventually.

  • An Increasing Chance Of Secondary Injuries

If physical therapy is applied after a longer duration, there are higher chances of the secondary muscles getting injured. Like, if your knee gets injured and the stability gets affected, the hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles are required to work hard to help the body function normally. As these muscles are not used to performing heavily, they become incredibly weak and over-used resulting in stress on the muscles and the joints which results in further injury. If you are still in two minds of whether or not to get physical therapy, get in touch with Legend Physiotherapy and Wellness for unmatched guidance.

  • The Recovery Time Will Be Much Longer

Most individuals can instantly return to their previous activity levels within a short time, if and when the injury is instantly treated with physical therapy. Undoubtedly, it depends on the kind and intensity of the injury. But, if the therapy is delayed for a longer time span, what could have been a quick fix rapidly converts into a longer recovery process due to the secondary injuries.

  • The Treatment Cost Increases Considerably

If you delay the therapy, there are increasing chances that you will incur an increased cost in medical treatments to fix the injury properly. This is mainly as the treatment includes additional doctor’s visits and treatments that will not only be necessary to treat the original injury but also rectify any secondary issues that may have taken place.

It is wise not to delay the therapy if you are injured. When in doubt, always ensure to listen to your body. If you are having ake sure to schedule an appointment with a well-experienced and highly-qualified therapist at Legend Physiotherapy and Wellness at Abbotsford without any delay. Give us a ring at +778-880-8823 for detailed information about our physical therapy services today!