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Physiotherapy for Skiing Injuries: Benefits of Physiotherapy

It is tempting to jump on the ski slopes as soon as the winter sets in. Isn’t it? But, there’s more to skiing than the fun and excitement. Physiotherapy can help you prepare for the ski season. You can only treat but also prevent skiing injuries through physiotherapy. Still skeptical about physiotherapy for skiing injuries

Here are the different injuries you may face during skiing. Also, read on to how a physiotherapist can help you treat injuries efficiently.

Should You Trust Physiotherapy for Skiing Injuries? 

Physiotherapy is a holistic treatment focused on strengthening your muscles, ligaments and tissues. The physiotherapist works with you to address the physical health issue and treats it from the core.

  • Increases stability for the crazy ski season 

You need more than interest and excitement to make the most of this ski season. You need the essential physical strength and stability to ski safely. The physiotherapist boosts your stability and strength through a series of exercises. The exercises help you ski across the slopes without hurting your muscles.

  • Addresses muscle imbalances 

Let’s say you do not involve in strenuous physical exercises daily. But, you end up skiing all of a sudden for long hours. Outcome? You end up with muscle tension and stiffness. The physiotherapist detects and addresses any imbalances in your muscles. They then suggest specific exercises to help you increase muscle control.

  • Strengthens your core muscles 

Several athletes choose physiotherapy for skiing injuries to strengthen their core muscles. The physiotherapist strengthens your hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteal muscles. You can also improve your overall mobility and flexibility.

All in all, the physiotherapist helps you both prevent and manage skiing injuries. But, you should visit the physiotherapy clinic consistently to attain your health goals.

What are the Different Types of Skiing Injuries? 

Skiing is a popular type of sport in many parts of Canada. But, a rate of injury is also associated with this sport. This is where a physiotherapist comes into play. They identify the type of injury and prepare the rest of the treatment plan.

  1. Knee ligament strain 

Skiing involves a lot of rotation and twisting. That means your knee goes through a lot of pressure throughout the sport. You may strain your knee ligament or rupture your ligaments during the sport.

A physiotherapist helps in the prevention and rehabilitation of knee ligament injuries. You will be able to improve your balance, strength, and coordination with the physiotherapy exercises.

  1. Shoulder sprain 

Shoulder injuries are very common in skiing. You may dislocate your shoulder or strain the surrounding muscles. So, the physiotherapist assesses the problem and helps you get rid of it efficiently.

You may get different types of injuries during skiing. The above-mentioned ones are the most common. Hopefully, you are now clear about whether or not you need physiotherapy for skiing injuries. 

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